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Be the hero of your own story and make a positive impact in the community. Lend a helping hand to someone in need. There are many ways to reach out and this page will hopefully influence you to use your creativity to make the world a better place.


Below you will be able to contact us to have your volunteer event or non-profit agency listed for the youth that would like to be involved. There will also be ideas on how to reach out and help others in your neighborhood, how to get involved, and how to be a leader amongst your peers.

Ways To Help In Your Commuity

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Want to help someone? We have a few ideas.

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Volunteer Opportunities (Dallas)


View volunteer opportunities with local non-profits. 

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Kids & Families Volunteering!


Thank you for your interest in coming together to make volunteering for your organization a way for the youth to get involved. I would like to support your mission by featuring your organization on this web site. If you know someone who has a non-profit that would be a perfect fit, please have them contact me.

Sherilyn Jones

Owner of The Concept Media Group, LLC & Creator of J'ones.


If you have a non-profit or a community organization, contact us to have your contact information and web site listed on this page so visitors can find ways to help in the community.