Volunteer With your kids

Be Your Own Hero

Getting Started

There are many volunteer jobs perfect for families with young children. Decided if you are interested in a one-time project or a long-term commitment. You can then call an organization in your area and ask how you can sign up and help. Let them know you will be volunteering with them and their ages. Contacting your church organization for ways to volunteer.

Once you decide on an organization, make sure you know all of the requirements to volunteering. There may be a training and orientation that must be completed. Take a visit before you make a full commitment and be sure it is the right project for you. Some organizations may allow older children to volunteer on their own. You must ask and look for the project that best suits your lifestyle and situation.

When you take the first step into volunteering be sure to have fun and make sure it is something you enjoy. Make it an effort to it becoming a long-term commitment. You can also team up with another family or invite a friend to help. This can ultimately become a great experience and a way in getting to know other wonderful people. 

A Few Volunteer Ideas For Kids

  1. Make care packages for the homeless. Include travel sized toiletries, granola bars, and bottled water. Carry them with you in the car to hand out when you have the opportunity.
  2. Donate books or art supplies to a homeless shelter for children.
  3. Collect coats and give to a homeless shelter in winter.
  4.  Volunteer at a local animal shelter.
  5. Donate newspapers, dog beds, or other pet supplies to a local animal shelter.
  6. Bring smiles to local Senior Citizens by visiting or volunteering at an assisted living or nursing home facility.
  7. Bring easy to eat treats or hand drawn cards to a nursing home or children’s hospital.
  8. Hold a lemonade stand or bake sale and donate the profits to a local organization.
  9. Look into the volunteer policies at local hospitals. There are usually wonderful ways for teenagers to get involved.
  10. Create care packages and thank-you cards for local service people in your community.

These are a few of the top ways to get started with your kid volunteering. It's ok to start small and build. 

Other Things You Can Do 

Maybe you are not ready to take a leap into volunteering just yet? There are other ways to be a silent volunteer. If you have a friend that needs your help be there for them. 

      No To Bullying 

  1. Volunteer at an anti bullying organization. 
  2. Help others at your school who may be a victim to bullying. Talk to them and encourage them to talk to an adult.
  3. Being a friend to someone in need is always a good step into helping others.