About The Crew

The main characters of J'ones consist of Shonre, Evan, Raymond, and Sigamore. They also have a group of friends that join them on journeys as they focus on the bigger picture with a glass half full mentality. 

While being positive and motivating, the J'ones crew is always in the mix of things including music, basketball, football, video games, and being there for friends. A typical day in their life is a journey of self-discovery and the animated world they live in is that of an average kid that strives to be #1.  They always get back up when they fall and the goal is to reach others just like them.

The cartoon brand touches all aspects of the lives of children from bullying, winning & losing, faith, and situations that effect the youth. Jones is their last name, but they pronounce it J'ones because  together they are one. 

About The Book

Sherilyn’s cartoon production J'ones best known for the comic and book series Can’t Keep Up With The Joneseshas a product line of children’s books, t-shirts, greeting cards, and more. The 1st children’s book, Created To Be is a story about the life of 3 siblings and their cousin who go on a journey and discover they can be all God created them to be by using their talents for good. 

Book Series

Can't Keep Up With Joneses is the J'ones official book series and collection. 

This is where the comics started.